How To Make Pokies Pay Out

There are no secrets to hitting it big at the pokies; it’s a game of chance based on luck. So, keep reading to learn how to enjoy better luck while playing.

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Return To Player: Meaning

Each casino game, pokies included, has an RTP or return to player percentile. It’s a number that represents how much money you can expect to get back when you play long-term.¬†


So, for example, if you’re dealing with a pokie that offers a 95% RTP rate, you’ll get more of your cash back than a pokie with an RTP of 90%.¬†


You’ll notice two RTP types: 


Theoretical RTP: You’ll see this posted at pokie sites and online casinos. It’s a figure from running thousands to hundreds of thousands of simulations on that particular machine. The greater you play, the more the average payout is.¬†


Actual RTP: it’s the number you want to consider over theoretical RTP. It measures how much you’ve won back during each spin. Should you lose, the RTP is 0% for that spin. The RTP could be as high as 200% or¬†

more significant if you’re a winner.¬†


You might enjoy significant short-term losses or payouts if you’re playing a slot featuring an RTP of 96%. However, if you continue playing, your dozens of losses and few good wins can equal the theoretical RTP.¬†

How Can I Make Pokies Pay Out?

If you’re using any actual money pokies application, you’d need to get a winning combo to experience a payout. Pokies usually feature a grid created out of reels, rows, and, in some cases, columns.¬†


Mostly, we see machines with five reels and three rows. Pay lines span the reels. Usually, you will have one symbol on each reel. You can win if your bet covers a pay line, and you have enough matching symbols (usually a trio) on one pay line.


Other pokies operate differently. Some pokies don’t use pay lines and instead require you to have matching symbols across consecutive reels to be deemed a winner.¬†


Other symbols will use cluster pay systems. Such pokies are equipped with more extensive reel sets, and you will need to get matching symbols in a cluster to score a win.


Online pokies cannot be manipulated. They operate on RNG or random number generation. Each licensed pokies game uses an RNG, which generates a new figure each millisecond and doesn’t factor in whether a player is pressing the spin button.¬†


You cannot affect the outcome of your spin in any way. Trying out a low volatility pokie is an excellent choice because you stand a better shot at winning, even if it’s a small payout.


You can bet on all pay lines if you can afford it. Doing so will increase your chances of winning at each spin. 


However, choosing all pay lines will increase your bet size, so consider your budget as you play. You may wish to place small amounts on the pay lines, so you don’t take a significant cut of your gambling budget as you play.

What is Payout Percentage for Pokies in AUS?

Pokies usually feature a significant RTP in the middle of the too-high 90s. There are many pokies at Australian casinos that have big RTPs. Some casinos will post the RTP of that game. 


You can contact the customer service team to get that data or search the web if you are still waiting to see it readily posted. 

What is The Payout Rate for Pokies?

Variance is a term worth mentioning. It refers to how much a pokie will pay out and the number of its payouts. Should a slot possess high variance, we find it pays out more considerable sums infrequently. 


Meanwhile, a pokie with low variance will pay out often, but payouts are usually small. Medium variance pokies pay out small and large sums. 

Try out the high-variance slots if you fully understand the game and the risks and consequences associated with that machine.

What combos are possible on Pokie machines?

Pokies will usually feature about ten to 1 dozen symbols, and even more in some cases. When playing a regular pokie, you’ll notice many combinations of symbols that may appear on those reels. If you’d like to win, you’ll need luck, as these are games of chance.¬†


Whether you’re playing online pokies on a tablet, phone, or PC, you’ve got to take breaks now and again. Playing for too long can lead to cloudy judgment and blurry vision, leading you to lose severely. Only play the pokies if you’re in a clear state of mind.¬†


If you’d like to gamble for a long time, it’s essential to take a 15-minute break each hour and re-evaluate your finances. Are you within your budget? How are you feeling? If you’d like to keep playing because you’re having fun, are within budget, and enjoying yourself, feel free to do so.¬†


Otherwise, it’s time to stop if you’re frustrated, angry about losing money, or feel like luck will hit any moment. One of the most complicated aspects of playing pokies is knowing when to walk away.¬†


Remember, pokies are games of chance. There’s no strategy for winning. You are not guaranteed a win even if you’ve been playing for a while. Never chase your losses.¬†


Don’t sleep in demo mode, either! It is the best way to enjoy online pokies, and you can see how long it would take them to pay without spending any of your money. You can play as long and often as possible since it’s just fun.¬†


You can have all the excitement of playing pokies without worrying that you’re spending what you don’t have. Of course, you can’t win real money this way, but you can enjoy yourself and play as much as you want with no guilt.


If you or somebody you care about is having trouble gambling, contact the National Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858. You can rest assured you’ll find safe and confidential help 24 hours a day.