How to Play Baccarat? Let’s Find Out! 

We have seen a lot of baccarat action in the James Bond movies. And those movies always made the viewer’s perception that this game is very difficult and not everyone’s cup of tea. 

However, the reality is entirely different since baccarat is a simple and slow-paced game for new or old players. People beginning can try their luck and win big without using any strategy or skill.

But you must know how to play baccarat to ensure you walk away with the win the first time you play this game. Stay tuned as this guide covers everything there is to know about playing baccarat! 

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How to play Baccarat: Steps to Playing Baccarat


As we mentioned before, playing baccarat is very simple and easy. However, to make things easier and ensure you understand how to play baccarat better, we have decided to break down the entire process into small steps. 

These small steps will pave the way to your success in a baccarat game! 

1. On Which Hands can you place bets? 


When a gambler plays baccarat, they have a choice to bet on either of the two hands. 

The first hand in this game is the banker’s hand. The banker’s hands are the card held by the dealer. The second hand is the gambler’s card, which is the hand of the player. 

As a player, you can bet on either of these two options. Additionally, the baccarat rules say players may lay down bets before the banker deals the cards. 


2. Knowing About Cards Dealing


In a baccarat game, the dealer and the player get two cards. The game also includes a “shoe” whose job is to dictate who will play the hand. 

Depending on who is holding the shoes, the player or the dealer will slide a card out and place it face-up in the opponent’s box on the baccarat table. 

Similarly, assuming that the dealer played a first hand, the next card, the first of the banker’s, goes in the banker’s box present on the baccarat table. After the hand ends up in the box, the house continues to deal with another gambler’s card and deals with a second banker’s card. 

In conclusion, the first round consists of two cards for the player and the dealer. 


3. Announcing the Point Total


In baccarat, the tens and all face cards amount to zero points. However, every other card will hold its face value, with the ace worth a single point. 

If the total points become more than ten, the second number becomes the hand’s value. For instance, if a hand gets a nine and a six, the hand becomes fifteen and becomes a five-point hand. To win the game, the bet should be on the hand that will deal closer to a nine.


4. What a “Natural” Win Looks Like


If the player or the dealer throws a hand with a total of eight or nine in their first two deal cards, the rules dictate it as a natural win. 

If a natural win occurs, the game concludes right away, and the bets that may have already been placed get cashed out. 


5. How to Know If the Player Will Get a Third Card? 


The player’s hand gets completed first. For a total of 9 or 8, the player will receive no additional cards. However, if the player has any other hand, the rules allow the player to draw a third card. However, the player is not allowed to draw a third card if the house dealer holds either eight or nice, in which the house wins. 


6. When to Calculate the Winning Hand? 


By the game’s rules, the winning hand will be the one that amounts to a sum of nine. However, if the player and the dealer draw the same hand, the game results in a tie. 

If a baccarat game ties, both hands will neither win nor lose. However, sometimes a commission may be paid out of winnings when choosing to bet on the dealer’s hand.  

Final Words

Here goes everything that you need to know about playing baccarat. 

We are sure that once you thoroughly review this article, you will understand how baccarat works and how to play baccarat. 

The baccarat rules are pretty simple and easy since the game is not dependent on skill but entirely depends on the luck of the draw, and the player with the cards closest to the sun of nine wins. However, playing baccarat becomes much easier when you know all the rules since knowing the rules will allow you to have leverage. 

You will become unstoppable with a perfect combination of luck and knowledge of the game. Watch out, James Bond!