How To Play Bingo: A Beginner’s Guide

If you are looking for a casino game suitable for all ages, bingo is your answer! Bingo is one of the classic casino games that people of all ages have enjoyed for a long time. 

Bingo is one of those fun and easy games that you can play with your family or play to win big at an Australian casino online. But the real problem lies in knowing how to play bingo. 

Don’t worry; we have you covered! We will mention everything there is to know about bingo in this blog. So without any further ado, let’s get going! 

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How to play bingo?


1. Set Up the Game


To set up the game, you must get at least one scorecard for every player. 

All bingo score cards come with twenty-five randomly squared numbers. The game’s objective is for the player to cover five squares in any of the following orders: 

  1. Diagonally 
  2. Vertically
  3. Horizontally 


2. Give Scorecards to every player


Once you have found scorecards for every player, you can distribute a scorecard to all the players. 

While every player should have at least one scorecard, a player can have more than one as long as they can keep track of the numbers and letters on different cards. A player with multiple scorecards has better odds of winning. However, since there are more squares to track, it becomes trickier and may require more attention. 


3. Get The Chips


Once every player gets their scorecards, it’s time for everyone to chin up and lay the bets. 

You will have to pay money for the bingo chips as a player. The player must cover the squares on their scorecards with the chips. 

As the next step, all the players must put their chips in the center of their scorecards. In bingo, the center square equals a free space, and game rules dictate that every player needs to place one chip on the scorecard’s center. 

If you are playing bingo with family or without bets, you can choose small objects instead of bingo chips. 



4. Dealer Will Call The letters and numbers


The letters and numbers on your scoreboard will represent bingo balls with the same numbers and letters. To win the bets, you will want the numbers on the balls and your scorecards to match. 

The dealer chooses the bingo balls randomly, and the person who bets on the chosen number wins. 

The dealer will grab a letter-number combination randomly and read the numbers out loud for everyone to hear. 


5. Placing The Chips

As the dealer calls the numbers, take a gander over your scorecard and see if you can locate the combination that the dealer is calling out. 

Place the chip on that square if you find the combination or the number that a dealer is announcing. For instance, if the dealer announces “G-46”, you should look for 46 in column G on your scorecard. You can place the chip on the number of these values. 

However, if the dealer calls a number but you don’t have that number, you have to sit tight and wait for them to call out the next combination and hope that you have it. 

The game will continue until someone gets five chips in a row on their scorecard in any of the orders we mentioned earlier in this guide. As the dealer calls out the number, the player must keep placing the numbers and hope to be the first to end up with five consecutive combinations in any order. 

When we talk about combinations, there are no limits to how many of them the dealer will announce. The dealer will keep going unless someone finds five consecutive placements and claim the win. 


  1. How to Claim Your Bet? 


If you beat everyone and become the first player to have a consecutive selection of numbers on your scoreboard, you must yell “bingo.” 

Yelling bingo is a way of knowing everyone that you have won. The game stops as soon as someone says bingo. If more than one player calls bingo, the dealer may authenticate their claims by checking their cards. 

If they lie, their bets get disqualified, and they must leave the game. However, if their claim is true, all the players with the same combination win.  


Final Words


Here goes your guide on how to play bingo. If you have thoroughly gone through this guide, we are certain you know how to play bingo by now.

However, practice makes perfect. Going to play knowing all the rules of the game is a great way of ensuring success. Here is hoping that you found this blog helpful.