How To Play Roulette

Every casino fanatic knows about roulette. Even the people who have never been to a casino know about roulette! 

Roulette is one of the famous casino games and has been in the gaming world since the seventeenth century. As someone who has never played roulette, a person might think of roulette as a rather complex game. 

However, it’s quite the contrary. Here is a complete one for those looking for a guide on how to play roulette! 

So, let’s get into it. 

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How to play Roulette: Roulette Rules 

As far as playing roulette goes, the game is rather straightforward. You must pick a number or proposition, like black or red. After choosing, you must lay the bet and let the game play out. 

However, the game has some rules, and knowing them is an integral part of playing the game: 


  1. Always Get the Roulette Chips

The first rule to know about how to play roulette is to have the chips. To begin, the player needs to go to the roulette table and give the money to the dealer to give them the chips of that amount. 

The casino chips vary in every casino. While some casinos prefer using different chips, others prefer using the same chips used at the casino for any other game. It helps to know the different colors beforehand so that you may not mix the chips with other games!   


  1. When to Lay the Bets? 

After cashing in, you may notice a miniature symbol placed on the table. The objective of that symbol is to indicate what number was hit on the last decision. 

Once the dealer takes that symbol off the table, the betting starts. 


  1. How to Place Bets? 

In roulette, if you have to place a bet on a number, all you have to do is place your chips on the numbers. However, if you place bets on any propositions, such as even or odd, red or black, the rules require you to place your chips directly on the proposition. 

All of these bets have a payout of 1:1. 


Here are some other bets that you may see other people playing when laying bets: 

  1. Split Bet

When the gambler lays a bet on two numbers next to each other, it’s called a split bet. To place a split bet, the gambler places their chips on the line between these numbers. 

The win on these bets is 17 units per 1 unit. 


  1. Street Bet:

Otherwise known as a “side bet” or, in some cases, a “trio” bet, these bets are for when a player wants to bet on three numbers. 

For laying a street bet, the player has to place their bets on the outside border of the three numbers. Winning a side bet has odds off 11:1 in terms of payout. 


  1. The Corner Bet

These bets go sequentially. Some people also call it “The Fourth Bet”. The corner bet is the one where the numbers form a square. The gambler must place the bet at an intersection where all four number meet. 

The odds of winning these bets are 8:1. 


  1. When to stop betting? 

The deals will stop as the dealer spins the wheel, raises their hands, and verbally says, “No more bets”. You must refrain from placing bets at this point. 

However, if you place a bet after the dealer says no more bets, a dealer may disqualify your bet. 


  1. How to Deal with Other Players? 

When betting on roulette, you may encounter some players that are not easy to deal with. To deal with a difficult player, you have three choices: 

  • Get up and Go to a different table


You can get up and play roulette at a different table if you want to avoid interacting with them. 

  1. Ask the dealer to stop them

If a player has no regard for the game and makes it difficult for other people to play, you can ask the dealer to remove them. 

Instead of taking matters into your hands, ask the dealer to ask them to stop, which may work.  


  1. When to Start Betting All Over Again? 

When the dealer places the symbol on the winning bet, there is no more room to place other bets. However, after the winners get paid, the dealer will remove the symbol from the winning bet and allow them to place bets again. 

At this point, you may consider laying bets again. 


Final Words

Here goes everything you need to know about how to play roulette. 

Roulette is one of the best games if you know how to play it correctly. Not only fun, but roulette can also help you win big, but only if you use the right strategies. 

We have given you a roadmap to the world of roulette. The information in this guide is enough to prepare you for your first game. However, you will pick up strategies as you play roulette and progress eventually to become a better player and have bigger payouts!