Worst Mistakes People Make While Playing Pokies 

Pokies are widely popular and very fun. People from all corners of the world love to play slot games since it’s easy to understand their mechanics. The gameplay is enticing and exciting, and even if there isn’t anything complicated about them, many people commit certain mistakes. These actions can diminish their experience and make them quickly lose big losses.

Experienced gamblers are familiar with these mistakes and do their best to avoid them. Here we mention some of the worst mistakes you can make while playing pokies and what you can do to avoid them to make the most of your gambling experience.

8 Worst mistakes you can make while playing pokies 

  • You play only in traditional-looking pokies.

Even if the online pokie you enjoy looks like a regular slot machine in real life, that doesn’t mean that it escapes the intrinsic mechanics of the game. All online pokies use random number generators (RNG) to function, which means that even if you stick to the most “traditional” options, you’ll still have to deal with those.

RNGs make the game fair and grant all players the same chance of winning. Of course, the payout can differ from game to game since games can come from different developers. Still, the software and payout rules are practically identical. We don’t recommend restricting yourself from trying out new pokies, as you may be missing out a lot.

  • You don’t understand the concept of bonuses. 

If you want to succeed in online casinos in Australia, you should learn to pay attention to detail. Even if your sole purpose is to have fun, keep in mind that online casinos tend to grant bonuses, and you must meet certain requirements to be able to take full advantage of their benefits.

Deposit bonuses won’t be accredited to your account straightforwardly, for instance. You have to comply with certain prerequisites before you can use those free spins or bonus credits the casino has granted you. Furthermore, if you want to turn bonus funds into real money, you’ll have to meet some extra conditions.

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  • You don’t test your pokies before playing with real money. 

We understand that pokies are a lot of fun and can be a great way to pass the time. However, if you directly go to bet your money on the first pokie you see and catches your eye, you’ll be putting yourself at risk. While the majority of casinos try to keep things legal and are regulated by the respective institutions in their area, many other online casinos out there are not.

For example, it’s quite common for people to find a very attractive casino and bet their whole bankroll only to find out that the requirements to cash out are unreasonable. Hence, you should test the slots for free first and be as familiar as possible with the casino you want to play in to avoid these problems.


  • You play at unlicensed online casinos. 

As mentioned above, finding as many legal casinos as unlicensed ones is possible. It’s very common for new gamblers to fall victim to scams and lose their money due to insufficient research. It would help if you never bet on a casino that seems shady or doesn’t provide proper information about its licensing. 

A trustworthy online casino for real money will have public information regarding their licensing, both federal and statal. This information should be easy to access.


  • You play with the lowest stakes. 

If you’re a first-timer, you may not want to risk it all and may only stick to betting the low stakes. It’s normal, but again, you’re missing out a lot, and you may actually be losing a lot of money without realizing it!

Plus, what is the point of betting so low? It makes the game practically pointless. In the long run, it’ll become quite repetitive. You’ll still risk money. Hence, why not make things a bit more interesting and place some higher stakes while you’re at it?

  • You avoid pokies with high-profit potential. 

You can choose from tons of pokies out there. There are tons of themed online slots and even some traditional-looking ones if you don’t care that much about appearances. Either way, some gamblers like to play it safe and prefer to stay in games that reduce their number of losses. However, even if you win smaller amounts each time, that doesn’t mean that you’re actually making a profit.

Pokies with basic features may not grant the same payouts as others with more flashy symbols and pay lines. Hence, it’s highly recommended to vary your pokies from time to time so you can find those that are likely to grant you a huge jackpot. 


  • You avoid pokies because the casino makes a profit. 

All online and offline casinos have a “house edge.” Hence, they make a profit. After all, this is a business, and many people behind it must earn money somehow. Many players are already doing it, even if you choose not to risk your money there. So, what’s the point in avoiding it?

The house edge won’t happen during your first visit to that specific casino. It’s a process that takes a while and requires multiple players to try out different games and so on. Hence, the casino won’t “swallow up” your bets and take your money away from you.


  • You don’t play for fun. 

One of the reasons why you play slot games, indeed, is because there’s always the possibility of earning a huge jackpot. However, if you’re only thinking of winning, the game will become monotonous, and you’ll get frustrated quickly. These aspects can worsen your gambling experience if you take it too seriously. 

Gambling is a form of gaming; therefore, you should try to have fun when possible. Try to learn more about the pokies and their processes so that you can learn how to beat the game. Having fun while playing slots can make a huge difference and can help you get better at it in the long run.