Australian gambling: Authorities & Regulations In 2023

When it comes to gambling, it’s important to be familiar with the regulations that apply to your country and the institutions behind those norms. Every nation has a different gambling panorama, and governments try to keep everything balanced to avoid issues.

Of course, Australia is one of the many countries where gambling is permitted. However, it is quite regulated, and certain restrictions may apply. In fact, the Australian gambling industry is one of the world’s most controlled markets.

Thus, if you’re based in Australia, we advise you to get to know the authorities behind the industry and the norms that may apply to you. This way, you can protect yourself against potential situations and see what you can or cannot do when it comes to certain situations.

What is “gambling”?

Australia doesn’t have a specific definition for gambling. It can refer to any activity where you’re staking money or any valuable object on an event where the outcome is decided by chance. Thus, the concept also applies to horseracing and sports betting. All of these events, as well as online casino games, are considered to be “gambling” under Australian law.

A brief explanation of the Australian gambling authorities and regulations 

As mentioned, different regulations apply to the Australian gambling industry. Next up, we’ll explain the rules that apply to operators and players and the general laws that apply to online gambling.

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Operators have strict norms to follow to be able to operate in Australia. It can be tricky, but these rules are meant to protect citizens and keep the industry balanced. 

  • Firstly, operators are required to possess a license to operate in Australia. This document grants them the title of “regulated interactive gambling service.” Otherwise, the casino cannot advertise its services within the country. 
  • While offshore casinos can welcome Australian players, these websites are required to possess a license from the Australian Government to be able to do so.
  • Australia doesn’t permit the advertising of online gambling services. There are no exceptions.
  • Last but not least, operators cannot propose real-money virtual gambling to people that reside in Australia. It’s considered to be an offense. 


When it comes to the players, the panorama is almost as strict as it is for the operators, but it still grants punters enough freedom to have fun while playing their favorite casino games. The following rules apply to anyone that resides in Australian territory:

  • Online gambling is legal, but there are only a few legal virtual casinos available.
  • As mentioned above, Australian players can play in offshore casinos as long as the operators possess a license to work in Australian territory.
  • Players can enjoy their favorite casino games with no problems, as there isn’t any penalty. Still, players are advised to ensure that they’re using a regulated operator that has public information about their license and is approved by a gambling institution overseas.

Gambling authorities in Australia

As mentioned, the Australian Government has established these rules to provide a safe environment for punters in Australia and encourage responsible gambling habits across the nation. These rules also apply to trade promotions or sweepstakes, which are known as “free-to-enter” competitions or championships.

Most of the time, sweepstakes are permissible. However, the Government may require further permission from a regular.

That said, you should know that there are two main levels of gambling regulations in Australia:

  • Central Government Level: This regulator is in charge of supervising all the gambling that occurs within Australia. Plus, all the new laws or amendments of already-existent ones are done under this organism.
  • State-Territorial Level: This regulator applies the laws established by the capital level along with custom policies that apply to gambling in that specific state.

Gambling Authorities in Australia by State 

In Australia, every state has a different gambling authority, which includes the following:

  • In the Australian Capital Territory, the ACT Racing and Gambling Commission is in charge of regulating any gambling activity within the ACT.
  • In New South Wales, the NSW Department of Gaming and Racing veils for the proper functioning of gambling, racing, liquor, and charity markets within New South Wales.
  • In Northern Territory, there are two institutions. The first one is The Racing and Gaming Authority, which is in charge of the gambling legislation in the state. The second is The NT Gaming Machine Commission, which is in charge of providing licenses to gaming machines.
  • In Queensland, the Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation is in charge of regulating all the gambling activity that occurs within that state. It includes art unions and lotteries.
  • In South Australia, there are two institutions. The first one is The Consumer Business Services, which also works as a department of the Attorney General’s Office and veils for the licensing, policy, and proper functioning of the gambling sector. On the other hand, the Lotteries Commission of South Australia is in charge of regulating all lotteries.
  • In Tasmania, the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission is in charge of regulating gambling activities within the state. Although it is the central authority, it operates along with the Gaming operations Branch within the Tasmanian Department of Treasury and Finance.
  • In Victoria, the Victorian Casino and Gaming Authority veils for the proper functioning of gaming and casinos within the state.
  • In Western Australia, we have The Western Australian Department of Racing, Gaming, and Liquor. This institution is in charge of providing licensing and inspection, among many other duties within Western Australia.

What else should you know?

We’ve summarized pretty well the gambling panorama within Australia. However, you should also be familiar with certain laws and norms, including The Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) from 2001 and its amendments. The first amendment was made in 2016, and it prohibits all online gambling activities except sports betting. The second amendment happened in 2017 and was created to stop foreign operators from providing online gambling services to Australians.

In 2019, another amendment was made to the law. It now includes the National Self-Exclusion Register. Don’t be surprised if another amendment happens.