Skrill Casinos

Skrill was established in 2001 and is the first European online payment service. The company got the license and approval from FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). In this article, we will discuss Australian Skrill casinos and cover their characteristics.

How to Setup an Account on Skrill?

Before you can deposit at Skrill casinos with the help of Skrill, you must set up your account on the Skrill website or app. To create an account on the website, you must go to the homepage and press the register button.

Then, you will get a form and need to add your details to the form, such as your name, password, email, currency and more. You can tick the corresponding form if you want to get offers from companies that partner with Skrill. When you have filled out all the details in the form, press the register option.

Skrill will open your account straightaway, but to access all its services, you must verify your phone number, email address and profile. You can do the verification through the account settings by sending pictures of your bank statement, ID and other details if necessary.

How to Deposit Money in Casinos with Skrill?

Here is a short, step-by-step guide that will help you deposit money in Skrill casinos:

Step # 1

Analyze the Skill operators, select an operator and then log in or signup on to their website.

Step # 2

In your account’s deposit section, choose the Skrill option and enter your amount (Usually, the limit in Australian Skrill casinos is $ 15 to 15,000).

Step # 3

In this step, the operator will bring you to the Skrill page, where you must enter your details and confirm the transaction.

Step # 4

Once everything is done, Skrill will top-up your account in just a few seconds.

How to Withdraw Money from Casinos with Skrill?

Here is a brief guide that will help you withdraw money from Skrill casinos:

Step # 1

Enter your account details and go to the payments section.

Step # 2

Then, pick the withdrawal option and select Skrill again.

Step # 3

Once the amount you want to cash out is given to you (average transaction limit is $30 to 5000), provide the Skrill details or check the saved ones and press the withdraw button.

Step # 4

It will take a few seconds or minutes for the casino to transfer funds to your account.

Skrill Timing and Costs?

It is 100 % free to make Casino deposits and withdrawals with Skrill. Fund transfers are also instantaneous, while other online casino payments can take over 48 hours to transfer funds. However, sometimes may charge for the services, but the online casino deposits are free.

Casino players can also receive the funds in their electronic wallets for free. However, for some e-wallets, Skrill may charge a small fee. That said, as long as you use Skrill once a year, the company will not charge an administrative fee.

Lastly, once your casino winnings reach your account, you can withdraw them through bank transfer or SWIFT. Bank transfer can cost around 8.07, while SWIFT will cost you close to $ 5.08. Skrill also cuts a currency conversion fee of 3.99%.

What advantages of using Skrill in Casinos?

Here are several benefits of using the Skrill payment method at Australian casinos:

Offers and Discounts

Many online merchants and casinos pamper their customers who use Skrill with different bonuses and promotions. For instance, casinos reward players who top-up their accounts through Skrill with an extra deposit bonus of 10 % or 15 %.

Loyalty Rewards

Skill will reward its loyal customers through its VIP club. Those who use the Skrill payment method regularly will be given better customer support, special offers, low fees and more security layers.

Prepaid Mastercard

Skrill customers can apply for the prepaid Mastercard, and you can use the card to make payments at merchants who support the Mastercard payment method. You won’t have to give verification documents to get the prepaid card. You can also use this card to access your Skrill account funds from any ATM worldwide.


Skrill is an affordable payment method, and Australian players can use Skrill to top-up their accounts for free. 

Best Skrill games at Skrill Casinos?

Here are some of the best games you can play at Skrill casinos:


In most Skrill casinos, the Pokies are available in real and demo versions. In the real version, you might need to put money on balance, and you can easily do this with Skrill. Casino players can also play Pokies with several bonuses and filters. Many Skrill casinos offer players the opportunity to top-up their accounts and play Pokies. 


Casino players who like playing card games should play Skrill Poker, as it becomes easier to deposit this variety of Poker. You need to apply your experience and deposit funds in card games.


While most Skrill casinos offer the typical sports games, some also provide new sports and e-sports. With the Skrill payment method, you can bet on your favorite sport.


You can play American and European Roulette for real money by depositing the funds through your Skrill account. This payment method is more convenient and safer than other methods.

How to Select the right Skrill Casinos?

In addition to safe payment methods, customers should always consider several characteristics of Skrill casinos that will enable them to pick a casino that suits them perfectly. Pay attention to these signs at Skrill casinos:


A license is an official document that enables a casino to engage in gambling activities. The license is typically issued to casinos by a special body or the state government. 

However, even if there is information about the license present on the casino’s website, it doesn’t mean the casino has a license. Before selecting the casino, you should get the documents checked through a regulatory authority. 

The license guarantees the honesty of Pokies, timely payouts and other benefits. If you have any issues with the online casino in Australia, you must contact the regulatory authority that gave the casino a license.

Game Variety

Before replenishing your balance, you should pay attention to the number and variety of games the casino offers. You should determine the game categories you want to play in and check their availability.

Pokier Providers

The portfolio of the casino must consist of good gambling software developers such as Amanet, Yggdrasil, Quickspin, NYX, PlayN Go, Microgaming, NetEnt and more.

Customer Support

The casino must have a highly qualified customer support team with all the technical expertise to solve customer complaints. 

Bonus Program

It is much more pleasant for casino players to play if the casino offers many rewards, which stimulates players’ interest in the casino games. Casinos can offer different types of bonus programs, such as welcome bonuses, prizes, deposit incentives and much more.

Customer Feedback

The feedback is important, and you must always check what other customers say about the casino. It is essential to determine the casino’s customer rating of the casino, and customers will also help you identify scammers and stop you from spending money in the casino. You can also purchase both negative and positive reviews.

Responsible Gambling

If a casino adheres to guidelines that promise responsible gambling, it shows that the casino website is not indifferent to gambling. When considering a casino website, always look for the self-exclusion policy. If the casino has this policy, it is a big plus for the website.


In this article, we focused on Skrill casinos, and we listed the best Australian Skrill Casinos you can find. We also discussed Skrill casino games and how you can set up an account on the Skrill website. Skrill is an affordable payment method, and while not all its services are free, its pros outweigh its cons.