What is Mega Blackjack? – The Ultimate Guide

If you don’t know what Mega Blackjack is, stick to this guide to gain knowledge about it! 

It is a modernized version of the traditional blackjack game that provides a fresh and thrilling gaming experience called Super Mega Blackjack. It was first introduced in Nevada in 2017 and is becoming increasingly popular among online casino players. It combines several innovative features with all the classic aspects of Blackjack. The Game has a progression mechanism that enables players to begin at the open table and advance to the Grand High Rollers table as high rollers. In addition, it has a built-in financial system that enables players to get loans and continue playing even after filing for bankruptcy, making the Game perpetual.

Aspects of the Game:

Here we will discuss some interesting features of Mega BlackJack which were previously unknown: 

  1. It uses six decks of cards.
  2. The dealer can hit on a soft 17 and check for a natural blackjack (an ace or 10-point card) as an upcard.
  3. Players can re-split aces and double cards up to four times and double down even after splitting.
  4. Winning and Payout:
  5. 4 A winning hand generally pays 1:1.
  6. A suited AK natural blackjack pays out at a rate of 5:1, and a natural blackjack pays out at 3:1.
  7. A hand that is close to 21 in value pays out 3:2.
  8. Players cannot surrender.
  9. The round results in a push if the dealer busts with four or more cards.


In general, Mega Blackjack is a fun and exciting variation of traditional Blackjack, offering higher payouts and better odds for players. However, players should be aware of the specific rules and strategies for this Game before playing.

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Let’s talk about some engaging facts about mega blackjack to keep you updated while you make up your mind.

  • Payout Differences: One of the key differences in Mega Blackjack is the payout ratio for certain hands. A natural hand (an Ace and a 10-point card) pays out at a 3:1 ratio, while an A-K natural in a suit pays out at a higher 5:1 ratio. This is higher than the standard 3:2 or 6:5 payout in most other blackjack variants.


  • Dealer Bustouts: Another important difference in Mega Blackjack is how certain dealer bustouts are handled. In most blackjack casino games, a dealer busts out results in an automatic win for the player, but in Mega Blackjack, if the dealer busts with four or more cards, the round results in a push, meaning neither the player nor the dealer wins or loses.


  • No Surrender: Unlike other versions of Blackjack, such as Spanish 21 and Blackjack Switch, Mega Blackjack does not allow players to surrender, and they are required to play through the round.


  • Low House Edge: Mega Blackjack features a low house edge of 0.82% to 1.32%, which increases the chances of players winning and keeps them engaged in the Game.


  • Buster Blackjack: The Game also offers an additional side bet called “Buster Blackjack” that can boost winnings based on the number of cards in the dealer’s hand during a round.

              So, we hope you have an idea of What is Mega Blackjack? 


Should you pay for it, or should you not? Moving forward, Let’s talk about the pros and cons of Mega Blackjack: 


  1. Low house edge
  2. Large natural payouts
  3. New Game to learn


  1. Greater Variance
  2. Trouble while learning a new strategy 
  3. It isn’t available everywhere 



Similar to regular Blackjack, players in Mega Blackjack can hit, stand, double down, split, and perform other common operations. It should be simple for players accustomed to other blackjack variations to get used to this one. However, before playing, new players should get familiar with the fundamental terms used in Blackjack.


The main differences in Mega Blackjack are the rules that apply when the dealer busts with four or more cards and other unique regulations, which might not be included in other versions of the Game. Use a unique Mega Blackjack strategy chart to improve your chances of winning because standard blackjack methods might not work in this Game. Players should concentrate on developing a fresh approach for this variant of Blackjack.


We hope that at the end of the blog, you have learned what it is mega Blackjack and are now excited to play it in casinos. If you want to keep yourself updated with new casino games, you should learn how to play mega Blackjack. The strategy chart is available online for you to learn before you go to a casino.