Gamble In Style With these Casino & Gambling Themed Songs

Gambling is one of the most thrilling games to exist. The thrill of gambling is so strong that even musicians are drawn to it! 

Almost all casinos in Australia use music in the background to get the gambling groove going for all of their players. While there are many different casino and gambling themed songs, some of them hit homerun and it’s only fair that we mention them for being one of the best! 

Below are some of the best casino and gambling themed songs. So, let’s discover some casino music! 


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  1. Poker Face – Lady Gaga

Let’s admit it: This song never gets old! Lady Gaga released this song in 2008 and it turned out to be one of the most famous songs in the entire music industry. 

However, it wasn’t the lady gaga fans that fell in love with this song; This song also became a favorite of many casinos as many casinos included this song in the playlist, adding a refreshing vibe to gambling!

  1. The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

The gambler is one of the vintage casino songs and still continues to rock the hearts of many gamblers and rocks in many casinos. 

The entire song hits every gambler like a remembrance about how to play their favorite casino and gambling games and motivates them to carry on the game with a positive mentality while playing. 

The practicality and the lyrics resonating with the scenery of the gambling industry make this one a personal favorite for many casinos and gamblers when enjoying their favorite gambling games. 

  1. You Spin Me Round – Dead or Alive

Released by The British Band “Dead or Alive” in early 1985, this song is still rocking some casinos! This song has topped the charts worldwide leading to its fame. 

Initially, people played this song In casinos for the fun of it; However, if you listen to the lyrics of this song a little too closely, This song gives games like roulette or poker a new meaning entirely. 

    1. Black Queen – Stephen Stills 

    Every avid guitarist or guitar listener knows about Stephen stills and will agree when we say that he is one of the most underrated artists of his generation. 

    You don’t have to believe us; Listen to this his self-debuted album from 1970. But, how is Stephen Still connected to the casino and gambling-themed songs? Well, the song opens with the line “This is a song about a card game”. 

    Do we need to say anything more?

    1. Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold – Townes van Zandt 

    This song is all about how a game of five-card stud poker is powerful enough to confuse a person to bits if they are not a huge fan of card games. 

    However, even if you don’t understand the gambling context of this song, this song is an absolute banger. Not only does this song carries a shade of gambling, but it also incorporates a good versus evil message and carries a message about the importance of perseverance. 

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    Final Words

    Here are some of the best casino and gambling-themed songs. 

    As humans, we love listening to music. However, listening to music while gambling has proven to be quite amazing! Many gamblers enjoy the music and it helps them feel relaxed, allowing them to stay calm and enjoy the game, even if things get heated. 

    If you have been looking to add some new songs to your playlist, try the songs on this list. We are sure that you will enjoy them as much as we do!