How To Win At Pokies

Pokies are the bread and butter of all online casinos. So, you’ll notice tons of pokies and other games on many Australian casino sites.¬†

Studios like Yggdrasil, NetEnt, BetSoft, and others have created pokies gamers love to return to as they play.

Plus, these gaming software studios are constantly working to develop more, so players keep coming back.

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How to Play Pokies

One of the reasons people love pokies is how easy they are to learn and play. Once your pokie of choice is ready to go, decide how much you’d like to bet, and then click tap.¬†


The reels will go spinning. If the symbols match on a pay line, and you’ve bet enough lines, you’ll get a payout. A pay line is a line of the same symbols that goes from the left to the right. There’s one position on each reel.¬†


When choosing your betting amount, the choices available depend on the pokie you’re using. For some games, you will cover all pay lines with your bet. In others, the pay lines are fixed. You can select how many pay lines you’d like your bet to cover for other games.¬†


Most slots feature an auto play button, so the police do all the work for you. When you choose that option, you will choose the number of spins, and the pokie then spins the reel the amount of times, and your bet remains the same. 


Such spins will take place automatically, so there’s no need to continue tapping each time you wish to spin. 


You can set the autoplay up for specific games so your spins will quit after winning. So, for example, if you run out of money, the spins will quit even if you’ve got a few remaining.


How to Win

Note: This refers to how a person could win. It is not a guide for winning at pokies, as they are all games of chance. You are not guaranteed a win at any online casinos or pokies.


To make a win when you’re at the pokies, you need only make enough matching symbols on a pay line.¬†


You will only get your payout if the pay line your symbols align with matches your bet. Payouts will vary vastly. It depends upon the symbol you matched and the number of symbols you matched. 


You must align three identical symbols on a pay line for most pokie games. Such symbols will be on neighboring reels beginning on the left. 


For specific pokies, you’ll note there are no pay lines set. They are called “All Ways Win” pokies, and to get a win; you’ll land enough similar symbols on the consecutive pokie reels, beginning from the extreme left.¬†


For such pokies, it makes no difference about which position on the reels your symbols fall, and they have to be on consecutive reels.


You could find slot machines that operate differently. For example, some pokies have pay lines that operate right and left to right. 


Others may use cluster payouts, which reward you for getting clusters of like symbols. Usually, this means three or more identical symbols vertically or horizontally adjacent.


You can also win additional payouts. For example, many pokies have free spins, where you can enjoy an extra spin granted to you with no extra charges. You might even enjoy a bonus round where you can get a guaranteed prize. 


Progressive pokies are also in existence. You’ll learn that most pokies have fixed jackpots, otherwise meaning there are limits on prize payouts.¬†


You don’t have to worry about that limit when it’s a progressive jackpot. It keeps getting larger when somebody puts in a bet, and it can get as high as eight figs! Some, luckily, gamers have struck it rich, but these incidents are rare.¬†

Can I Cheat Pokies?

No. You cannot cheat at pokies; even if you did, you’d be waiting for the other shoe to drop once the audit team found out. The pokies are designed to be fair and honest each time they are played. All spins are random. You cannot influence how a spin will turn out.¬†


Online casinos are constantly having their machines checked with the help of third-party audit firms that help ensure that all games are fair. If you need some tips about winning, all we can offer is A. Learn how to play the game, B. Learn how to get free spins or bonuses, and C. Play within your gambling budget and walk away once you’ve spent what you can afford to lose. It would help if you also learned the payout rate for a pokie before you begin playing.

How Can I Beat Pokies? 

You cannot beat pokies using a predetermined strategy. All of these pokies are games of chance. There are no strategies or decisions to make regarding these games. 


When you play pokies, you put in your bet, click the button to spin the reel, and pray that you get the winning combo. 


Some slots offer bonus rounds, and you’ll make a small decision there. For instance, you might need to choose an object that reveals a cash prize. During regular gameplay, however, it’s entirely based on your luck.¬†


And even then, you should never gamble just because you’re feeling lucky, or you had something lucky happen that day – stay within your budget and only spend what you can afford to lose.¬†


Learning how that pokie game works will help you feel more confident about your spins. If you’re playing online pokies, consider playing in demo mode as you get a feel for the game.¬†


It’s just as fun to play using pretend money and seeing how you fare versus putting down your hard-earned cash.¬†


You can’t win real dollars this way, but you can learn several new games and how they function without spending money.


It’s also good to know that you are not guaranteed to win at pokies. You can play for hours and win nothing. So don’t chase your losses.

How Do Pokies Function?

Pokies work straightforwardly. You’ll notice a grid made of columns and rows. For most pokies, you’ll see five symbols in a row and three symbols in said columns. The most basic pokies have 15 symbols on their grid.¬†


The cells are made of random, different symbols. Once the reels are spun, they will gradually come to a stop. 


The pokie then checks the symbols on your grid and sees if you have a winning combo. After that, you’ll spin the reels and watch as the symbols land again.¬†

Can You Hack Aussie Pokies?

No. Doing so is against the rules of the casino and may also be cause for legal action. You cannot hack the pokies games because they are developed using current, secure software. 


Providers using them use the latest tech to keep everything fair and balanced among players. 


Online casinos also employ encryption technology to ensure the site is secure because actual money transactions occur. So, please do not attempt to hack the pokies, as it will only land you in trouble. 


Just enjoy the game!